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Sealers Memorial

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At the town of Elliston we learned about the grueling, exhausting, dangerous and uncertain life of the “Sealers” who hiked miles across ice floes carrying their equipment, either from land or from ships, hunting seals curing the 1800’s and into the 1900’s. Hundreds of these men and some women perished when they were lost in fog or their ships sank or were unable to return to recover them and they froze to death. 250 Sealers were lost in 1914 in one terrible storm.

In Elliston, the “Root Cellar Capitol of the world”, we also saw some of the hundreds of famous simple root cellars. These are east facing, hand built underground cellars used for storage of root vegetables and other foods. During the winter they would not freeze and they were cool in the summer.

Again we saw Puffins at Elliston Point with whales in the distance.

There is much fishing, whaling, commerce and community history at the many, many sites and stops in this area. A great place to spend more days than we had to spend.

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