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Tucson prides itself on being a bike riding kind of town. There are bike lanes on many roads. Many of them are separate lanes, rather than the dangerous ones in Chicago that a parked car driver can open his door into. There are some decent off road bike trails; we enjoyed one on the Fioritto River the other day. And of course, mountain biking is easy on the hard packed desert floor, although there is always the danger of getting a flat from a cactus thorn.

We're still not clear on all the reasons why, but Patrick Dempsey, one of the stars of Grey's Anatomy was the guest of honor at a special bike ride that closed the streets of downtown Tucson and brought about a thousand riders out to share the road with him. It was hard to ride at first because the crowed was such a mixture - young families with small children teetering on training wheels rode next to spandex clad serious riders as sleek as greyhounds. The course took us through small central city streets, some rather picturesque, that are hard to appreciate when you whiz by in a car. The route was short enough that we rode it four times and while is was congested the first time around, we pretty much had it to ourselves from then on except when we happened upon McDreamy who was constantly bering photographed, interviewed, and appreciated for his general all around hunkiness. Hope he had a good time. We did.

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