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This afternoon I had a non-drug pain-management therapy, Radio Frequency Neurotomy, on my lower back. Basically this therapy cauterizes the nerves from the vertebrae to block the pain signals. It does not cure the basic problem of herniated or collapsed discs. Most people get relief for up to two years. Dr. Harris said that one of his patients had relief for six years. I could go for that!!

Nancy Riley accompanied me to the doctor’s office. When my therapy was completed, I discovered that I was very dizzy when I stood up. They helped me to a chair and gave me a Dr Pepper and three small Snickers to give me an energy boost. I had made the mistake of not eating lunch. Nancy drove my car home due to my unstable condition. I was feeling well enough to stop by Randall’s to vote early, though. I sat in a chair to cast my ballot. I held onto Nancy into and out of the store.

Dr. Harris told me that, as a child, he traveled extensively with his parents in a travel trailer and that they had stayed many times in Pecan Grove RV Park because it was so convenient to the things they enjoyed.

After I got back home, I had a quick lunch and then lay down for a while. The dizziness passed quickly.

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