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Jade Snow Mountains behind Baisha

Scanny Granny

After yesterday's easy day we decided to get rid of some energy and take a bike ride around Lijiang with the main intention of getting as close as possible to Jade Snow Mountain 35km's away.

The four of us had a mission trying to find bikes. Granny Tang had just sold two bikes to other guests as we returned from breakfast so the girls got the last two and James and myself had to go on a hunt for suitable bicycles. James somehow managed to get the worst bike any of us have ever seen and it turned out be a turkey as the chain kept falling off throughout the day. My machine wasn't much better as only the middle set of gears worked, the brakes were a bit dodgy and the back wheel was buckled.

After the fun of bike purchasing we set off. We put our trust in James and followed the route he had taken yesterday on a walk he had taken. Unfortunately part of the route around a drained lake was now a building site with huge rocks blocking the way. A quick detour and we were back on track. By this point the sun was starting to get really strong and the heat was setting in. An open main road, poor Chinese drivers and the heat don't make the best mix but we arrived at the small village of Baisha after a few hours riding. The village had the fantastic backdrop of Jade Snow Mountain which was now only 10k's away. We rode around for a while through the tight streets and easy going atmosphere. We were then met by an old woman who wanted us to go to her house let the girls dress in typical Naxi dress and have green tea. We were a little dubious at first but after reading a book of comments made by other people we decided to go ahead. The girls dressed up, we had numerous teas and biscuits and then wrote comments in the visitor book. This was when we asked for 5 yuan each. What a businesswoman. Get us to write positive thoughts before asking for money. None of us could complain though as it was pittance for an eventful hour.

After a further ride around the village and a stop for footy with local kids we headed back towards Lijiang as the day was quickly passing by. The return journey seemed to fly by and we arrived back in the city with sunburn, sore bums and tired legs within an hour and a half.

In the evening we went to the Sakura Cafe for dinner with the rest of the guys and sat down to some great Korean food. A chocolate crepe to folw finished off an eventful and humerous day.

Day 62 complete

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