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Whenever we bike around this campground as well as the last one we stayed, we get the distinct impression that there is no one left in Canada. It's not a populous country, but every other license place we see is from one of the provinces. We almost feel outnumbered. Ontario and Quebec are large provinces, but we are even seeing plates for Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia as well. Not too long ago the Canadian dollar was considerably weaker than ours - we could buy one for about 70ยข, but these days we are at parity or theirs is even a bit stronger. Our last few visits to our neighbor to the north gave us the impression that prices were considerably more than ours to begin with, so these days our country is a huge bargain for the Canucks. Comparing prices is a bit of comparing apples to oranges, since they have their taxes built into the price of a product or service as Europeans do, rather than adding on taxes at the end as we do. Nevertheless, during this especially fierce winter, we can understand why so many around us are saying, "Eh?"

In the motor home we always stay in touch with the news from home, reading the Chicago Tribune online and watching the WGN news over satellite. Usually the shenanigans of our politicians keep us entertained - is Rahm on the ballot for mayor or not?- but these days the weather reports keep us glued to the screen. As visions of our roof collapsing danced in our heads, a kind neighbor sent us a few photographs of the house still standing and reassured us that if you weren't driving somewhere, it wasn't all that bad. We appreciated seeing it for ourselves very much.

And we were shocked to look on the weather map to see that even the Rio Grande Valley, where we have spent a number of warm winters, is having some snow. Many of the poor folks who live down there have no furnaces or insulation for their homes. Our hearts go out to them. At least the cold shouldn't last long there.

So we join the Canadians in appreciating all the more this haven of warmth.

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