Steve'sTravels2010/11 travel blog

Heading North out of Santa Fe.

Just beginning to head into hills.

Rio Grande Gorge. You can barely see the river in lower left.



Cavern just before Taos.




Some of the residents had their wares for sale. We didn't look.


Obviously, the local church. Photos not allowed inside.

This was Terri's eye. Mine wasn't as good.


We were led to believe the residents still live as they did...








Have to have a creek shot.

River close up.


Notice the straw and mud top.



Again, note materials.

Could not walk up to cemetery so had to take pix through...


Very picturesque setting. Although a bit on the cool side.


A trip into the mountains.

Today, Terri and I ventured up to Taos. The first segment of the drive passes through some of the desert north of Santa Fe, with the hills in the backround, then the road heads up into and along the hills. The drive through the mountains was very picturesque, especially when reaching the Rio Grande River. Terri and I both enjoy this sort of scenery and the changing rock formations in the hills, as well as the various colors and contrasts, so it was very enjoyable. And being the worldly traveler that I am, I had not realized that the Rio Grande began up this direction. Learn something every day.

After stopping at the Taos Visitor Center to find out where things were (and of course, use the restroom), we headed up to the Taos Pueblo, where we spent the majority of our time. This is the first place I’ve been where I had to pay a fee - $6.00 – just for the privilege of using my own camera to take pictures. The Pueblo did, however, offer a glimpse into the starkness and simple living conditions that were the norm in their day.

After stopping on the way back down to toss a few rocks into the Rio Grande, and share some thoughts about our experiences in Taos, we headed back to Santa Fe, where we enjoyed a very good, made from scratch, New Mexican meal at the Guadalupe Café in downtown Santa Fe.

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