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Colt's Neck, NJ - Earle Naval Weapons Station RV Park - Site...

Colt's Neck, NJ - Earle Naval Weapons Station RV Park - Site...

A four-wheeled model of the ferry ship setting outside the terminal

A brook running beside site 8

The coastline at Lewes, DE - one side of the Cape May-Lewes...

A windmill on the Lewes coast - the only one we saw...

The Mothership parked and ready for the ferry ride

The slip where the ferry leaves from on the Lewes, DE side

A more distant look at the ferry terminal and the slip we...

A small lighthouse on one of the breakwaters on the way out

And another

Fishermen near the breakwater on the way out

Some ships in the bay on the way to Cape May

Cape May from a distance from the comfort of the Mothership

The Cape May lighthouse

The Cape May shoreline

Our slip for arrival at the Cape May side

The ramp coming down for us to depart the ferry

A nice condo complex on the bay as we come up the...

A woodchuck next to our site

Another shot of the woodchuck

We made it to the RV Park at Earle Naval Weapons Station about 3:00 pm and were quickly set up. This is a very nice campground. It has eight very large spaces that were formerly part of a trailer park on the base. This causes the hookups to be at locations that are not the most convenient but it works out OK. It also has a new section where they have constructed 11 more sites that are more conventional RV sites but not as large. We have full hook-ups with 50 amps, good Verizon coverage and I was able to hit the satellite after a little moving around of the dish to get through the trees. We didn't use the restroom or laundry facilities but they were just built last year so should be fine. The RV park is ran by Muriel Smith who is absolutely the most congenial person I have ever met that was in charge of anything. You call and make a reservation and she emails you a confirmation (a first for me at FamCamps) and then gives you a call the morning of the reservation if there may be any problems getting on base. In our case, a Condition Delta drill shut the base down and she wanted to make sure we wouldn't get there before the drill was over and the base opened back up. A well deserved Bravo Zulu for Muriel.

Our trip up the coast from Assateague Island to Colt's Neck, NJ took us a leisurely 6.5 hours with three of that waiting or riding on the Cape May-Lewes ferry. Surprisingly we were able to leave Libby attached so Doris didn't have to drive her aboard the ferry and we saved a little work unhooking and hooking up. The seas were calm and it was a nice ride across the Delaware Bay. We took the Garden State Parkway up from Cape May and I have to say the drivers up here are a lot less considerate than those down South! A couple of times I had to force my way into another lane as no one would let me in. I guess that's just the way they drive up here. While driving Libby today I had one driver honking and flashing his lights because I was driving the speed limit. I pulled over to the shoulder and he shot by me. No it wasn't a policeman but an elderly gent with a disabled permit hanging from the rear mirror - just in a rush I guess. Tomorrows drive on I-95 through New York City should be interesting. We plan on hitting NYC about noon on a Sunday so hopefully it will not be too bad!!

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