Ray And Kathy's Winter trip travel blog

After hitting some of Kathy's favorite shopping spots in The Salt lake City area we started down the the home stretch and got home about 7:30 PM. The house was fine and the cat seemed to remember us. We have been on the road for about 57 days. The weather in the south was very nice and a pleasant break. We saw a lot of great sites and found several places we would like to return too in the future. The weather for the last couple of days has taken some adjusting on our part and the white stuff has been a shock. We do not have any specific travel plans for the next couple of months but I am sure we will be going to Yellowstone and maybe the west end of the Magruder Trail. We hope to make a couple of trips to Nampa and i plan on getting in some sailing before the reservoir drys up. We do plan on going back to Hyder Alaska in August and visiting Glacier National Park and some of the Canadian National Parks in B.C. on the way. Hope to see Liz and Sue's families on the way back.

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