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Tree of history

Replica of the original Christmas tree



Dee(L) watching the bakery


Home of Adm. Nimitz-who would have thunk?

Dee in a "sidewalk seat"

Horse hitches remain in sidewalk

Let's begin with the end of the day...PEOPLE ARE GOOD AND HONEST! I left the camera in the public restroom-ugh-how dumb, etc. We went out to "cruise" through Luckenbaugh when I became aware of the camera's absence. Dee was kind enough to drive me back to Fredericksburg. Low and behold, on the bathroom door was a note with directions for reclamation. As I made my way around to the police station door, two bicycle police persons were as happy as I for they just knew the note worked. Besides a written note of thank you to the finder, I will pass on my good fortune whenever needed. Remember, what goes around comes around.

More than 160 years ago the German town of Fredericksburg was formed for the protection of German Immigrants in Texas. The colony grew to 1,235 by 1850. Interestingly, as they settled each family was given 100'x200' town plot and a ten acre "outlot" for farming.

Today it is truly a year 'round tourist town delivering German cuisine, German language, local wines, including hot spiced German wine, German steins, and the bakeries. Of course ,there are MANY shops all housed in historic buildings.

Walking justifies eating a hearty lunch, right? Sauerkraut, brats, red sweet&sour cabbage, Reuben sandwiches were very satisfying. It was a fun day traveling with Dee as our tour guide. Corky enjoyed sitting in the passenger seat for a change.

After a fun day, it feels good to return to humble abode. Tomorrow's itinerary will take us to the Alamo, Riverwalk, Tower of the America's. See you then!

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