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We are writing this posting while sitting at the airport in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas waiting for our flight to Atlanta, Georgia and on to Tel Aviv, Israel. We expect to arrive in Israel tomorrow at 5:30 pm and take a taxi up to Jerusalem where we will be staying for the time we are in Israel. We believe that there is a proclamation to be presented in Israel and there are several other things we believe that we will be doing while there too. We will be telling you about these different opportunities as we go through this next 10 days (depending on internet availability). Please be in prayer for us as we launch into this phase of our journey. We feel safe since we are on assignment from YHVH, we just want to make sure we are on the same page with Him as we go forward.

As we are sitting here writing and waiting, the TV is on with 100% coverage on Barak Hussein Obama and not one word about what is happening around the world. Not one word about how many Katusha rockets hit Israel today, not one word of how many Christians were massacred today in Somalia, not one word about Russia's plans and actions in increasing their military presence around the world, not one word about Syria's mobilization to the borders of Israel. America has been lulled to sleep. It only cares about what effects its own comfort and prosperity. Don't bother them with the facts, especially if they are involved with the condition of the US and the World that is rapidly setting up for the end of life as we know it. Don't bother them with the facts that reveal what prophecies are being fulfilled right before our eyes. Let them sleep and just entertain them and show them what they can spend money on and delight their pleasure pallettes.

I must say that it will be refreshing to get into another part of the world that is not so ego-centric and belly gazing. There really is much more to the world scene than what is happening inside the beltway of Washington DC. It's time to wake up America. It's time to pay attention to what YHVH is doing in the world. We can hear the footsteps of Messiah. If you don't have oil in your lamp, you had better get some. There is not much time left. Do no delay. I hope I don't offend someone, but maybe better to be offended than not ready-- and lost. Think about it...

Stay Tuned.

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