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Philadelphia Museum of Art

Statue - Joan of Arc

Mural on Building

Logan Square

Sculpture - The Lovers

Christopher Columbus Monument

Street Continuously Inhabited for Longest Time

Oldest United States Post Office

National Constitution Center

Christ Church Burial Ground

Christ Church Burial Ground

Grave of Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790

Reading Terminal Market

Reading Terminal Market

Bronze Sculpture "Government of the People" by Jacques Lipchitz 1976

Masonic Temple

"Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs" by Nathan Rapoport

Today was another gray day all day, so none of my photos are very good. We drove into the city and found a convenient parking garage which charged $7.00 for a full day. We walked a couple of blocks from there to the Visitor Center and then caught the Hop On/Hop Off double-decker bus. We rode on the open top deck so we could get better photos. I used the anti-shake setting on my camera.

We rode the entire route without getting off and then decided which stops we would make on the second round. There just wasn't enough time to see everything we wanted to see. To "do" Philadelphia right, we would need a week or so. A little is better than nothing, though.

From the bus I grabbed a shot of the oldest Post Office in the United States. It is the only one in the country that does not fly the United States flag because it predates the flag.

We visited Christ Church Burial Ground, where Ben Franklin and his family are buried. Several signers of the Declaration of Independence also are buried there. It was established in 1715. Most of the headstones are very difficult or impossible to read and many of the graves are unmarked. More than three thousand people are buried here.

I had lunch at the Golden Bowl Chinese Restaurant in the Reading Terminal Market. This place was like a beehive! There were all kinds of restaurants, bakeries and other kinds of shops, as well as a large regular fresh food market.

When we entered the Cathedral of Sts. Peter & Paul, there was a wedding in progress. We just sat on the back pew until they were finished. Several other people came in after we did and did the same. When it was finished, most of the lights were turned off, which interfered with my photography plans! I had seen the wedding party out on the street earlier but thought the wedding had already taken place. At one point they even spread out across the street, stopping traffic, and did a little cheer!

From the Cathedral we walked several blocks to the Hard Rock Cafe, one of Barb's favorite places to eat. Because I had eaten such a large lunch, I wasn't very hungry; so I just had a side of macaroni and cheese. Then it was time to head back to the parking garage. Along the way I stopped at a CVS Pharmacy to get some milk and cereal. That's one less thing to do tomorrow.

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