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DL at Cat Cay Marina











Check out the underwater lights on the boat behind us at the...

Our plan to spend a little time in the Berry Islands on the way back to Bimini was changed when we were up at 4 a.m. after a sleepless night anchored near Chubb Cay. The roll coming in from the deep water in the Tongue of the Ocean was dreadful so we sat sleepy eyed drinking coffee waiting for dawn so we could LEAVE. Once we got out at 7 a.m. the weather was gorgeous and the water was calm, perfect for our long 97 mile haul. We planned to stop and anchor at Cat Cay just south of Bimini.

We threw out the lines on the way and were rewarded with a Mahi Mahi each. John's was a beauty, 26 lbs. but we still have Russ' fish to cook so we threw them both back.

We dropped an anchor outside Cat Cay Marina but the Weather Gods have given us enough breaks lately I guess because it wasn't meant to be. It was a stormy night and we didn't feel secure so we limped into the marina and tied up in the pouring, driving rain at 3 a.m., dried off and went back to sleep. John checked in bright and early and got away with paying for one night only, luckily because it's quite the exclusive marina.

The bonus was the internet and I have taken advantage of it to get caught up. We will likely have no more internet until we reach Florida. Next stop is Bimini - back where we started again!

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