Wyoming Ranch

Red Rocks and Ranch

Ranch and Mountains

Lavendar Striped Mountain

Another Ranch

Wind River Canyon - Boysen State Park

Campground at Dusk

Boysen Reservoir

Boysen Dam from Riverside

Train along Wind River Canyon

Coach at Campsite

Left the RV park and began the trek to Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore etc.. We were traveling Rt. 26 East and about 28 miles from the campground, we drove into the most beautiful, colorful and spectacular countryside. The mountains are actually higher than the Tetons - over 13,000 feet and Mt. Gannett, the highest in Wyoming, tops at 13,800+. Instead of being gray granite like the Tetons, these mountains were striped red and tan layers and very wind-carved. Some of the mountains had beautiful lavendar stripes as well. The road wound around these striped mountains and buttes for miles following the Wind River's course and along the way were many ranches all set among the backdrop of the dramatic cliffs. One side of the road was totally different than the other. The right side was the rolling grassy, scrub-covered hills while the left side had the colorful sculpted cliffs.

Thereafter, however, it was more of the same dry desert plains between mountains with the occasional butte sticking up in the middle. The towns were few and far between and consisted of a few houses; Indian reservation areas mostly. Once you got out of even the larger towns like Riverton, it was fields of alfalfa, some corn and just desert. Could live in Dubois near the painted cliffs but not further into the plains.

But then...just when you are getting really bored, voila - another change. When we left Shoshoni on Rt. 20, we passed the Boysen Reservoir and into the Wind River Canyon. I have to say, this was perhaps my most favorite place of all. There was a state park, Boysen River, right on the other side of the dam and it was an incredibly lovely place. There were no services of course, but the sites were large enough for us and the view!!!!!!!! Incredible. The cliffs towered over the river and the campsite and on the other side of the river, there was a railroad that took up what little space remained between the canyon walls and the river. The cliffs were red and tan and dramatic in the way that they had been carved by the wind and water.

We took a long walk up to the dam. What a beautiful, stark, forbidding place the canyon is. There were ducks, sparrows and fish visible to the eye and when we got to the top of the dam, the reservoir was lovely. It seemed incredible that the reservoir area was so flat - although there were beautiful cliffs surrounding the lake - but compared to the harshness of the canyon, the reservoir looked idyllic. Dixie had a blast chasing the many bunnies that resided in the canyon. Of course, she didn't catch any, but she had fun trying. I think the bunnies were surprised something was going to chase them.

Overnight, the wind howled down the canyon and when it wasn't howling, the trains were whistling across the river. A wonderful place - wish we could have stayed a few more days. Something magical about this place.

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