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Fish Fry - Stuart Whiteside, Bob Williams, Georgia's son and Alice Bulechek

Monument Hill State Historic Site - Memorial to Texas Soldiers of Dawson...

Monument Hill State Historic Site - View of La Grange and Colorado...

Business Meeting – John Cuthbertson Presiding

Business Meeting – Mary Jo Evans, Rosie Greenspan, Helen Marsh, Jeanette Lowell...

Dr. Pat Blackman and Val White

Happy Hour – Alice Bulechek, Ed Lohn, Regina Gaskamp and Ethel Fitzgerald

Happy Hour – Val White, Ann Poole and Duane Praschak

There was a larger-than-expected attendance for this campout – 19 members and six visitors, three of whom joined us. Georgia Lewis, our wagon master, was expecting only about 16 rigs. The park manager made sure we all had hookups, doubling several of us up in the campsites and stringing out large extension cords and water hoses to accommodate us. It was quite a sight!

Bob Williams did a fish fry. He loves to fish and to cook! During the summer at home in Indiana he stocks his freezer with his catch and then, in the winter when he visits his sister Georgia Lewis, he treats us to his cooking at every campout.

Several of us visited Monument Hill State Historic Site on a bluff above La Grange. The ranger was very knowledgeable about the history of the monument. It memorializes the soldiers who drew the black beans which resulted in their massacre by Santa Ana’s army.

We had dinner Saturday night at Boss House of Steaks.

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