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Esperanza School - West End of Building

Esperanza School - Teacher’s Desk

Esperanza School - Students’ Benches

Swedish Log Cabin, Built c. 1838 on Govalle Ranch

Swedish Log Cabin - Interior of Cabin

Doug Blachly Teaching Station under Tree

Pioneer Blacksmith Shop


Hartman Prehistoric Garden, 'Ornithomimus SP' by John Maisano

Bamboo Star Cage Sculpture by Akio Hizume, Tokyo

In 1992, amateur paleontologists discovered that dinosaurs once roamed the grounds of Zilker Botanical Garden. More than 100 tracks made by six or seven reptiles along with the bones of an ancient turtle were found. The life-sized sculpture In the Hartman Prehistoric Garden on Dino Island is an Ornithomimus (Greek for “bird-mimic”), the dinosaur that left its three-toed tracks in the gardens.

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