It took a while for the car to warm up today...:-)

Loved the blue sky and the snowy trees together..

We had a nice lunch out today in Moab..

Most unusual decor inside..:-)

The Christmas tree they will be lighting tomorrow night...

A beautiful lodge in Moab..

Incredible trees all over town covered with snow...

A colorful restaurant in Moab..

Bridge covered in snow...

Last one!

The snow has finally stopped falling, but boy is is cold in Moab. We got down to 2 degrees last night. They are expecting the same for the next six or seven days, we don’t expect to get above freezing until next week. Yikes! This is one of the coldest weeks we remember. We were glad they got the electricity back on, it only stayed off for about an hour.

We went downtown and had lunch today in Moab, the city is blanketed with snow and it’s so beautiful. We are also going to the Christmas tree lighting tomorrow and the Christmas parade on the 7th. It will really be awesome with all the snow left on the ground, it won’t be melting anytime soon with the highs in the teens. We had a great time taking pictures of snowy Moab and hope you enjoy them. Check back later for more from Utah.

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