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Frio River and Beach

Tubing on Frio River - Vee Grimes

Tubing on Frio River - Vee Grimes, Janis Shull, Helen Marsh and...

Tubing on Frio River

Tubing on Frio River - Regina Gaskamp, Helen Marsh, Vee Grimes and...

Concan - Neal's Cafe

Concan - Neal's Cafe - Vee Grimes, Delores Tucker, Alice Bulechek, Sam...

Concan - View of Frio River from Neal's Cafe

Our campout this month was in the beautiful Rio Frio country. The campground is on the banks of the river. Several of the members went tubing. On Saturday night we had dinner at Neal’s Café on the bank of the Rio Frio in Concan.

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