Our first stop but they could not help us with the jacks...

It was still a beautiful drive, even with all the troubles..:-)

Loved the HO HO HO on this truck..:-)

The ground was covered in snow for the whole 300 miles..


We saw a lot of Christmas decorations in the small!

Our site in Glendale..

Here is where we got stuck...:-)

I am glad they had a snow plow..:-)

Last one!

Today was one of those LONG travel days. We had planned to drive to Capitol Reef National Park, it’s only about 125 miles. Once we saw all the snow on the road and more due, we changed our plans and drove on to Glendale, almost 300 miles. Our day started out with problems and it didn’t get much better. When I went to raise the jacks, they didn’t move. I held the button down and they finally moved but very slowly and they didn’t get up all the way. It was enough to be able to drive, but they beeped for the whole six hour drive. We stopped at a Pilot Truck Stop and tried to get some fluid added, Jerry said the hydraulic fluid was low causing it to beep, but they didn’t have any and the next 100 miles didn’t have any place to stop and fix the problem.

Once we arrived in Glendale, we pulled into the RV Park, we saw a lot of snow but thought it was okay to drive on in. We had spoken with the owner and she said they were open, to just go in and choose a spot. Once we drove into the front of the office, our RV got stuck in the snow. Yikes! The wheels were spinning in the snow and it would not move.

Jerry went to unhook the car and guess what? The battery was dead. :-) The campground owners son came and jumped our car, then he took his snow plow and hooked up to the RV and pulled us out of the snow. He then went and plowed a spot for us to park the RV.

The spot was a bit un-level, we can not use the jacks until we get the fluid in them, so our fridge went to propane because it’s un-level. Just about every bad thing that could happen today did. :-)

We were talking to the owner this morning telling her about our day, she asked did we realize it was Friday the 13th. Haha... we had not even thought about the date. Too funny! We will be here for about a week exploring Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Check back later for more, hopefully... much better days.

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