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What's new? Not all that much. We are surprised that we are still running the A/C. It was a sunny and humid 86ยบ today. There are more campers here than before Thanksgiving, but many sites are still empty. When we drive around at night, many of the homes still look unoccupied. In the next week or so, this is sure to change. We look forward to our friends from home being among the new arrivals. They are bringing a small trailer, which is not suitable for long-term living, so we will move away from our new site with the executive suite and let them have room to expand and be comfortable for the two months they plan to stay. I'm sure they will enjoy having a full size washer and dryer, a bathroom with a shower and plenty of sitting room. Our motor home is comfortable to live in wherever we are. I brought some left over gewgaws that we no longer have space for at home to personalize the executive suite and make it feel a big more like our own. The lush tropical vegetation around the suite was in need of another trim. Renters are still using our old campsite, so we will not be able to make the move until they leave. I'm hoping that the baby raising owl family that we enjoyed so much last time we camped here will return, but we heard they were not there last winter. It's mother nature, not Disneyland. But there's always plenty of nature around. Take a look at the amazing video footage a friend of ours took in a 2 week period less than a mile from here on youtube.

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