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Another Bison farm on the way to Royal Gorge and Canon City

Hot dry and desolate in southeastern Colorado, on the way to Royal...

Ricky Spragoo, this one is for you!! Canon City!!!!

Does it look hot and dry out here?? Leaving Florence, you can...

This is what we will be riding thru to get us to...


Hot . . . . And . . . . .Dry

Had a little sleep in this morning knowing we didn't have far to go today. And besides, we are still at 8,600 ft and it can be a little chilly in the mornings (as we learned yesterday ) so we thought we would wait for the sun to warm things up.

Would love to have stayed in Guffey and learned the story of everything here. I feel like it was a missed opportunity, but sounds like Bill had a good weekend, just didn't want to disturb the guy! So we rode on!

It was cool but, oops . .. is that a nice looking climb ahead of us? that will warm us up! And it did! And that was followed by another one! But then . . . .it was all downhill to Royal Gorge! And I do mean downhill! It was awesome! We dropped down

We did not go into the Royal Gorge itself, just rode past and headed to Canon City. Highway 50 started out looking as narrow and nasty and ugly as that 10 mile section of Highway 9, but it wasn't long until the road widened into a beautiful shoulder and another incredible 8 miles downhill to Canon City! We just dropped 3,000 ft.

It was still early but we considered stopping here for the day. Had some lunch and looked at our options and decided it would make more sense to push onto Florence and then have an even easier day tomorrow as we get into Pueblo.

It is of course July 4th, so that is going to make things a bit tricky as far as a place to stay! It is hot, very hot! 105 tomorrow so we are making it a short day, get a few adjustments to our bicycles and stay a night in Pueblo!

Hope you all have a great celebration July 4th and enjoy doing whatever it is you will be doing on that day!!

God Bless America . . . Land of the Free

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