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Grace, Larry and Don

Parked right on the course!

My flight back to Ajo left on the 29th. I did not have a direct flight this time, but did get a somewhat better price. Jeanne took off work to take me to the airport since Michael Jane was not feeling well. It had been a stressful week for us, but good to spend some time with my sister and with the rest of the family that came for the service. On the other hand, I was really looking forward to being back with my husband and kitty and having some warm weather for a change. The cold had followed us ever since we visited Cincinnati back in October.

The first leg of the flight was to Chicago, where I had to change planes. I elected to walk to the other terminal since I knew I would be sitting for a long time on the next flight. I am not a fan of the stand in line and rush for your seat of choice plan, but was able to acquire a window seat with a decent view to help the time go by. Just before take-off, the man in the seat in front passed out a small bag of candy, tylenol and earplugs with a cute little note in front. Essentially it said that their baby was taking her first flight and they were apologizing in advance for any undo noise she might make. What a cute idea, and she was good as gold the entire flight!

I was SO happy to see Don when he picked me up! Of course we had to make the obligatory stop at Walmart on the way home. We finally arrived back in Ajo around 6:30. And again, Grace had us over for dinner and Larry smoothed things out with his wonderful margueritas. Then it was early to bed for me.

The rest of the week was spent sleeping in, playing golf (remember that I only drive the cart and drink wine!) and sharing meals with Larry and Grace. They had a party at their place on Wednesday evening after golf. I was finally able to meet some of the folks that Don had spent time with while I was gone. All were very kind, with most making sure to remember my mom. A good group: we may have to think about working there for a winter in a year or two.

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