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Leaving the KOA

Highways scenes while getting off the islands

View through Winnie's windshield today at brother John's

We left the Outer Banks yesterday ahead of the hurricane. It was a windy drive up NC 12. Since the wind has been blowing sand across the highway for several days, small "dunes" are being removed by "snow removal" equipment to keep the road open. The drive across the Bonner Bridge wasn't as bad as I thought it might be because of the wind. After getting off the barrier islands the route we traveled northwest to Tidewater Virginia wasn't bad. We arrived in Smithfield with no problems. We're spending the weekend with John and Joan. The weather yesterday wasn't bad, but by this morning, the outer fringes of Matthew began to move into the area. Not much wind, but a lot of rain. The weather reminds us of our trip 4 years ago when we were returning home and stopped in Virginia for a family visit just as Sandy was beginning to make landfall on the east coast. By the time we got home 3 days later, the power was off and we spent our first night home in Winnie. I don't expect to happen this time, but you never know with these storms. Stay tuned.

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