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A windy park at Jurien Bay

An even windier jetty

Our site in Cervantes caravan park

The cafe with the impressive views ... and significant prices!

The Pinnacles desert

All sorts of limestone fingers sticking out of the ground

In the other direction you can catch sight of the ocean only...


Today our travels brought us to Cervantes, a small coastal town a few hours north of Perth. On our fairly short drive we made a stop at Jurien Bay to see if we could spot any of the sea lions which featured so prominently in the advertising of the place. We hopped out at a lovely beachfront park where we met another travelling family - they hail from near Byron Bay and are taking a year and a half to do their trip! The kids played in the very windy park, and Sal and I walked out along the even windier jetty. No sign of sea lions. Wen we enquired in town, we discovered that all sea lion tours have been stopped for the sake of the animals and that they generally hang about at the island off shore.

And so, on to Cervantes. And another beachfront caravan park (where we requested as much shelter from the wind as possible), and more play in a beachfront park, and arvo tea in the caravan park cafe which they promote for its views. It's certainly situated nicely, but they don't miss you with the prices!

The highlight, and the reason for staying there, was our late afternoon trip into nearby Nambung National Park, the home of the Pinnacles Desert. We've seen plenty of interesting rock formations on our trip and these were certainly another: limestone columns of various shapes, heights and colours sticking up everywhere through yellowish sand dunes. Unlike some of the ancient geology we've witnessed, these are thought to be relatively young - perhaps only 80 000 years old.

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