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Last day today. Time to pack our gear and get ready for the trip home. Not too much of a rush: leisurely breakfast at the hotel, 11am checkout time, then a 2 hour drive back up to Heathrow. Not looking forward to the 30 odd hours of flying in front of us. But we are both looking forward to going home.

Eight weeks on the road including 9000kms of driving, 8 countries, 23 different hotels, numerous cafes and restaurants, bars, museums and historic sights, this has been an epic journey.

Sitting in the airport for 4 hours now - 1 1/2 hours to go til lift off. Time to reflect on the past 8 weeks. Simply put, great, wonderful, an experience not to be missed. Although its been a long trip, it has been well worth it. We've experienced a multitude of different cultures, not only different countries, but different cultures within those countries. Even though there have been language differences, we've found that as long as you can say cappucino or cafe, souvlaki, vino, pasta, and hold up two fingers to indicate "for two" then you can pretty well make yourself understood. Besides, lots of people speak enough english to understand what you are saying.

So, to sum it all up consider the following:

1. Greece is the cheapest and friendliest place to go (although the traffic is the worse)

2. Italy has the best food (and 2nd worst traffic)

3. France is the most expensive but culturally the most sophisticated, and has the worst coffee (Greece has the best)

4. Having a laptop with you and a wireless internet connection is a necessity

5. Switzerland and Germany has the best behaved motorists of the lot, and some of the most spectacular scenery

6. The UK is the easiest to get around and some of the most charming villages to visit, but most expensive for fuel if you are driving.

So, if you've been contemplating coming to europe, then contemplate no more - book your tickets and fly fly away.

So long, bon voyage, au revoire, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, avrio.

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