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Carpe Diem at New Port Ritchey

US 17 north of Wauchula

Orange harvest is in full swing

OJ anyone?

We'll try this BBQ next time we're in town

Exiting I 75 to County Road 54

County Road 54

Traffic on CR 54

Lotsa commerce on CR 54

Arriving at RV park

A blue heron near our coach

Sandi flying her new kite

Sandi flying her new kite

Sandi flying her new kite

The parafoil kite

The parafoil kite

Bob takes his turn

Bob lauches kite for June

Tarpon Springs Beach

Tarpon Springs Beach

Tarpon Springs Beach

Tue, 17 Dec: Heading out at last!

We awoke when we awoke and took our time getting ready for the road. Sandi went to the office to settle our bill while Bob dumped our holding tanks. To his not-too-pleasant surprise he discovered a leak in our sewer hose (affectionately known as the "stinky slinky"). A bit of duct tape did the trick and a replacement hose went on our shopping list.

Despite our lazy attitude we pulled out of the SKP Florida Resort at half past nine and headed west a few miles to US 17, which we took north to Florida 60. Both roads are well maintained divided roads that pass thru small and medium towns. We've been on US 17 before, but the rest were new to us and we enjoyed the new sights.

Florida 60 meets Interstate 75 west of Tampa, and we hopped on the "super slab" for about seventeen miles until exiting at County Road 54 west toward New Port Ritchey. County 54 is a multi-lane thoroughfare with much traffic and many businesses. Despite it being mid morning there were plenty of others sharing "our" road, but most of them behaved and we had no problems.

Shortly after noon we arrived at our destination, the Seven Springs Trailer Park in New Port Ritchey. We got a nice, level (albeit pricy) site near the front. The site and road were quite narrow, but Bob got us in with little fuss. We were soon leveled, plugged in, and ready for lunch.

Following lunch we drove a few miles to visit with Orrin and June, tablemates from our '09 world cruise aboard the Tahitian Princess. We've stayed in touch with Orrin & June and managed to coordinate this rendezvous between our just ended cruise and their cruise that sails later in the week.

We spent the afternoon at their lovely home and enjoyed a wonderful home cooked dinner. They brought some great meat and produce with them from Canada and were gracious to share with us. The talk and yucks were nonstop and we didn't leave until well after eight.

Wed, 18 Dec: We slept in until after seven and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast. After cleaning up we headed toward Tampa for some shopping and, on the way back, stopped at a nearby Super Wally for groceries and an aformentioned replacement sewer hose.

Following lunch Orrin & June picked us up and took us sightseeing. We ended up in Tarpon Springs, an upscale beach community with a beautiful county park right on the Gulf. We spent several hours enjoying being on the beach with the abundant sunshine and waving palm trees.

We also got an opportunity to try out our latest toy, a sport kite. We read about Nick Russell's kite flying adventures and sent away for a Snapshot 1.4 kite mid summer. The weather never seemed to cooperate so the kite sat in the basement unopened. But today seems right: beach+breeze+kite+lotsa "volunteers".

It took some setting up, but before long Sandi had the kit aloft and quickly figured out what to do and when. Bob gave it a quite respectable flight, followed by Orrin and June. We all had a lot of fun and then, worn out, sat around in beach chairs talking, talking, and talking some more.

As the sun started to set and the breeze got cooler we piled into the car and headed out for dinner. Orrin & June knew of a very good steak place so we gave it a try. Everyone enjoyed their dinner and we returned to the coach for dessert and more gabbing.

We're so glad that we made the effort to stop and visit with Orrin & June. Good friends are priceless and none of us are getting any younger. Carpe Diem!

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