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Long time RV'ers often talk about their lives being jello. It's such a flexible way to live, you don't need to make plans. If you're finished enjoying where you are, go somewhere else. When you live in the work world, your time is tightly controlled and managed. I can remember being able to predict what I would be doing three months ahead. Precious vacation time was tightly packed; we didn't want to waste a minute.

We thought we had a plan for today, but jello it was. Last week we took the motor home to the repair facility here at Lazy Days to have our jacks repaired, yet again. They analyzed the problem and had to order a part. Since we don't want to stay here forever, we had it overnighted so it could be put in today. We got up early not even taking the time to eat breakfast, to to take the motor home to the repair bay and were told that the part had been overnighted to Lazy Days in Tampa FL, not here in Tucson. Luckily someone noticed and had the part overnighted again and it was to be here by 10:30. By the time the part arrived the technician had begun working on someone else's coach. Hungry and a bit frustrated, we decided to take advantage of the free rolls, coffee and orange juice served daily at Lazy Days, but wouldn't you know it - not on Mondays.

If we would have known how the day would turn out, we would have just gone out for a decent breakfast, but we were getting a visit at 11 from some folks who listen to our RV Navigator podcast and wanted to meet up. We weren't sure if they were staying for lunch and didn't want to eat out again. It can be disconcerting to meet people who listen to the podcast since they know so much about us and we know nothing about them. But it was fun to meet folks who travel as much as we do, often to the same places. Their enthusiastic review of an Antarctica cruise have moved that higher up on the bucket list. We met them on our empty campsite, still homeless. They had plans to visit Kitt Peak Observatory and left at noon.

We've been wanting to visit Mt. Lemmon, a ski resort at the top of a mountain and had a coupon for the skilift that was only good today. But by the time we stopped for lunch there wasn't enough time to take the drive and be back at 5 to pick up the repaired motor home. So we went to Catalina State Park, a lovely spot in the desert at the base of a picturesque mountain range. It would be fun to be there at sunset and photograph the orange rays highlighting the peaks, but we had to be back by 5 to pick up the motor home. The campground there was a nice one, so now a repeat visit to Catalina is on the list as well.

When we got back to Lazy Days, we were bummed to hear that the new part, overnighted twice, did not solve the problem. We plan to leave in two days. Is that plan in jello now too?

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