Our Trip To Western Australia travel blog

going down some steps

Now we have to go up

interesting forms in the limestone "crust"

Spectacular beach, even more spectacular steps

there are bits of the old jetty everywhere

More spectacular beach and coast line

Wow look at this, another flight of stairs.....

It was a hot day today here, at one time the temp sat at 37... We did the Coastal Drive and there are some spectacular views and stunning beaches. The Pink Lake is not pink as the bacteria are not ready to go pink yet; there is tooooo much water in the lake.

The 39 steps – hmm yes 39 squared =1521 easily, some of the stair cases are wonders in themselves, the one down to the nude beach was made of old tyres overlapped and filled with earth. Gracie had a swim in her birthday suit here. To tackle the steps one would have to be desperate for a skinny dip…

Had a look at the wind farm and decided that the Victorians do a better wind farm, these were small turbines, I guess that’s all they need as I get the impression it’s usually windy here…

Then after absorbing all the stunning scenery we could, we retired back to the van to sit in the A/C…. I had a nap; Carol went to the local Pink Lake IGA. We cancelled afternoon tea and wheeled out the drinks trolley instead, it was nice to be able to sit outside in the twilight.

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