Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

This morning we checked out of our Youth Hostel and moved to the same GH as Sarah and James. As promised the Granny Tang who runs the show at the Tang Family GH was a real source of amusement - she has limited English and improvises with hilarious gestures to explain herself.

Having deliberated long and hard about what to do with the day Sarah, Danny and I decided to go shopping in the New Town whilst James decided to go for a walk and see if he could make it to the distant mountain range.

The highlight of our shopping trip was probably lunchtime when we stopped at a local eatery next to the Fruit and Veg Market. We made things easy for ourselves by ordering what someone else was already eating and were very impressed with our steaming bowls of rice topped with a concoction of spicy chicken and vegetables. If only we knew what it was called so that we could order it in the future!

After lunch we wandered around the shops some more until Sarah decided that she really wasn't happy with the camera she purchased the day before and resolved to try and return it. I was surprised at how easy this was considering all we really said was 'do not like' and 'refund'. She then went on to buy a much better camera at a better price with a memory stick and batteries thrown in - bargain.

It was dusk by the time we returned to Granny Tang's who gladly plied us with more Green Tea until bedtime.

Day 61 complete

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