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We read about another farmer's market and headed to southern Sarasota to check it out. Many of the same vendors that were at the downtown Saturday market were here as well, but since this market was in a large, grassy field rather than crammed on the side of the street there was much more space to linger and observe. We are surprised that there is little citrus for sale. We saw huge trucks full of just picked oranges on the drive here. Maybe they are all going to be juiced. A number of booths sold vegetables and flowers ready to plant. The warm weather here has me all inspired to go home and plant things. It's easy to forget that my little garden is under two feet of snow. The fresh strawberries we've bought here last an amazingly long time- a reminder of how far they travel before they come to our grocery stores in IL most of the year.

The market was near the beach, so we took the bikes for a spin on the hard packed sand. Some beaches are rideable; some are not. It seems that the fine, white sand composed of bits of coral packs down harder than that composed of bits of stones. A chorus of life guard whistles made us dismount in the middle of the beach nearest the parking lot, which was the most crowded with swimmers and beach combers. The water is barely above 60ยบ, so the swimmers didn't stay in long. At a time when many municipalities can't afford to hire lifeguards, the beach here is well staffed with vigilant young men. Signs are up on their platforms warning about riptides. Kite surfing is popular here and these daring athletes dodge in and out of the waves, independent of where they are going. They wear wet suits and seem to ride for hours, flitting about on the wave tops putting on a great show.

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