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Sign outside campground.

Taken from road between campground and Santa Fe, looking southward.

Nice home on the ridge.

Some typical homes along this stretch.

Another nice home on the bluff.

Again, looking southward.

Leaving Santa Fe, heading south on I-25.

A little further down the road.

Just a drive by neighborhood shot.

Overview of downtown Albuquerque, taken from near the airport.

Picking up a friend.

I had a little detour today. A special friend of mine had previously arranged a trip to Santa Fe to celebrate her birthday, so it was my intent to try to be in Santa Fe at this time in order to rendezvous with her and take in some of the sights of Santa Fe together. Terri O'Hara and I happened to become reacquainted while I was in the Portland area before leaving in November, and we have remained in contact throughout this adventure.

So, my being in the vicinity allowed me to pick Terri up at the Albuquerque airport today. It’s about an hour drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, through mostly desert-like surroundings, until you start heading up into the Santa Fe area. There are also three Indian Reservations that the highway passes through – Santa Ana, San Felipe and Santo Domingo - and I think each one had their own casino.

Terri was staying in one of the downtown hotels near the Plaza, so she became immediately immersed in the cultures of Santa Fe, as we walked around the downtown area for awhile.

So, the pictures on this day primarily reflect my traveling from the campground to Albuquerque.

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