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Sunrise on the Sahara

Temple of Ramses II

A glimpse of the inside of the temple

The Great Temple -built by Ramses for wife Nefertari

Close up of Great Temple

Philae Temple

Philae 2

Philae 3

Sunset at Aswan

Sunset 2

Bourgonvillia at sunset

We got up at 3am this morning and were picked up at 3:30 for a convoy out to Abu Simbel. All the tour buses and mini buses gather at a meeting point on the edge of the city. When it's time to go, it's like Cannonball Run --mini buses cut each other off and zip in and out of the tour buses in a race to get to Abu Simbel first.

3hrs later, we arrived to see the tomb of Ramses II. Though the temple had been taken apart and moved 20m up the banks of the Nile to higher ground, it was impressive and in extremely good shape. Outside, 3 of the 4 giant statues had their faces completely in tact. Inside, the carvings on the walls and pillars were still very vivid. Some even still had a hint of colour.

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