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In 2007 we left Pharr with twenty other rigs to tour the eastern coast of Mexico and Yucatan peninsula for six weeks. It was an arduous trip and we saw and did a lot. By the time we crossed the border again, we had a new group of friends. We have sailed in the Sea of Cortez with one couple and went Down Under with another. At the moment eight of us are all here in the valley at the same time - a perfect opportunity for a mini reunion.

We gathered at the permanent campsite of the full timing couple mentioned a few entries ago (1/30). They already had guests from Florida and when they invited all of us to come over as well, we thought we were headed out to dinner. Instead this Martha Stewart and her helpful hubbie had ten people inside their rig for a sit down dinner. We only have enough Corelle to feed six and two of them would have to sit on the couch and eat off of the coffee table. Our glassware is all plastic, a prudent choice when you are bouncing down the road. At Grant and Donna's we ate massive quantities of steak (Ken was SO happy) from real china and drank wine from glasses made out of real glass. And they even have a dishwasher. We were very impressed. It probably helps that their trailer is three feet longer than our motor home and they pull it with a large truck which provides even more storage space. Their campsite comes with a coach home, an 8' x 20' building. They obviously like to entertain and have turned their coach home into a guest suite. Their neighbors have used this space for other functions - home office, shop/craft room, gourmet kitchen, etc.

On the other side of their campground, we saw yet another choice that we hadn't seen before. Nice homes about the same size as the one we've left behind adjoin large "garages" built to shelter a motor home or large trailer. You can just pull right in, plug into the electricity and water and dump the sewage into the appropriate hole in the floor. Having your RV right next to your home, gives you double the living space and makes it easy to leave at a moment's notice. With the mild weather here, a roof to shade your rig is all you really need. An intriguing concept...

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