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our days 33/34/35, on rt 66 days 19/20/21 -

moving along but day 21 was a rain day in Tucumcari, NM...no photos (it has rained all night and most of today so we decided to stay put - I-40/rt66 can be very dangerous w/ice storms in the flats, so we best stay put for today...)... days 19/20 photos are showing our old america just dying away with rusty old cars/motel/gas stations/signs used in the 20s/30s/40s/50s... now all us old timers of that time, are dying, also leaving nothing but skeletons behind in these old whistle stop towns by-passed by modern interstate hiways but mostly the young americans do not auto travel, grew up went to college and left what older americans built behind, for a more upscale life style, what a shame because it was all these OLD towns and there businesses/farms etc are what made the money for our young to get away and very few ever go back... we see very few young college age people in these towns and the kids we do see cannot wait to get away the rest are oldies like us in wheel chairs/walkers/canes or just sitting around waiting to dye! there is nothing in any of these towns for them to do except farming and the mexicians are doing most of that... it's funny, because several of the old-timers asked us to take them with us...

ron & bebe

our journal/map link


day 19 on rt66 photos...


our camp location re google maps


half way re google maps


day 20 on rt66 photos


our camp location re google maps


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