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elephant family

We could only get accommodation for 1 night within the park, but had some fantastic encounters with elephants during our visit. Initially the weather was rainy and we saw virtually no signs of life, however, on our second day driving through the park we were able to see so much!

Our most memorable experience was when we were following some male elephants at a distance along the road, when the rest of their herd suddenly emerged out of the bush behind us. We found ourselves trapped between these (we hoped) gentle giants and had to sit quietly in our small car while they passed by within 20 feet, hoping none of them would get mad. Given that there were many young calves in this herd of over a dozen elephants, they were a bit skittish and there was some head-tossing, fake charging and anxiety (for all involved).

Fantastic experience, but one we will take pains to avoid in the future.

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