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The Traveling Three at the Nation's Capitol

Contstruction has already begun for the inauguration platform

The numbering and weighing at the Supreme Court steps

Sounding the Shofars in front of the White House on election day

Another view of the U. S. Capitol dome with the Indian on...

Throwing the proclamation into the Potomac River

The contrast between yesterday and today was stark. Whereas yesterday was the most perfect autumn anyone could hope to have, today is bleak with heavy fog. The leaves are off the trees for the most part as we drive across the state of Maryland on our way into Washington D.C., and it is beginning to rain, not hard, but the kind of rain that usually accompanies fog, drizzly. We can't help but see this as a prophetic picture. The nation is blind, it doesn't know where it is going. It was a very "wierd" experience for us in the United States capitol this time. Whereas before, coming to the capitol was always with high anticipation of exploration and discovery this time all we wanted to do was get in and finish the mission and get out. The city was dead to us. It just seemed dead, everything was dead. That is the best way we can describe it. The spirit of the place was not one we want guiding our life.

As we watched the elections unfold last night the Father spoke to my troubled soul saying, "The purpose of the mission I sent you on was to declare that Babylon was fallen, so why are you troubled about these results? I set kings and rulers in place and I take them down. This is my doing to bring about my purposes for this land."

This morning as we were praying we were overtaken with sadness and tears over the condition of America. The American people are blinded, led by false shepherds and by corrupt governors and officials. Read Jeremiah 50 and 51 like we have done so many times in these last few months to see today's headlines. America prepare - change is coming - but it is not the change you expect - it is the change of destruction. Babylon/America and those of like mind are fallen. So what are you/we going to do now? Scripture says to leave Babylon - even if you can't physically leave the countries of like-mind, separate yourself from Babylon's entanglements. And do it now!

The good news is that our Messiah is not far off! Look up dear ones, our redemption draweth nigh!!!

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