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We awoke early and completed our morning routine with a shower and clean clothing.

Breakfast was ready for us by 7:00 AM and everyone was excited because today was the “Butterfly” day.

We were aboard our bus by 8:00 and began the hour and a half drive to the butterfly sanctuary.

The drive through small Mexican villages was interesting and we enjoyed it.

I must say that our two bus drivers are fantastic, doing a wonderful job of maneuvering that 43’ bus around corners where the streets are so narrow that I would not want to drive my 19’ truck there.

Sometimes one driver gets out and gives directions to the other driver, who maneuvers within an inch or so of buildings, poles, and other vehicles. It sure is fun to watch.

The road to the butterfly sanctuary is different also, as they have made two paved parts for the tires to run on, and filled in the gaps with cobblestone.

We bounced our way up the mountain and finally arrived at the parking area.

Of course, the first thing on most peoples agenda was the Banos, or bathrooms. It costs from 3 to 10 pesos to use the bathroom in many places. In some places you may use the bano at no charge but if you need toilet paper, there is a person outside selling that to you for 3 pesos.

We were excited to be in this wonderful place. High in the mountains breathing that crystal clear air, surrounded by tall pine trees. It was a wonderful feeling!

We began our climb up the mountain and climbed steadily for more than an hour, pausing frequently to catch our breath.

After about an hour, we began to see some butterflies. At first there were only a few, but as we climbed we began to see more and more. Finally we arrived at the “main colony” and it was simply amazing. I have no words to describe how it looked, except maybe to compare it with being in a forest of oak trees in the late fall, when a wind comes up, causing all of the leaves to fall from the trees. The butterflies are said to number about 150 to 160 million, and it is just awesome to see. I’ll have to post many pictures for you but even that does not do justice to the spectacle of millions of butterflies all around you, hanging in clusters in the pine trees, or on the ground, filling the air with the orange and black colors of the monarch butterflies.

We stayed on top of the mountain until well after lunch time and then began our trek down the dusty path.

One of the quesadilla stands provided us with a wonderful, tasty lunch of fresh cooked food and a cold beer.

Everyone was tired and dirty by the time we boarded our bus and headed for the city of Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan, where we checked into a wonderful Hotel called “Posada de Don Vasco” Hotel. It happens to be a Best Western with open courtyards inside.

Marilyn & I joined Ted & Sue in the restaurant for dinner. We had all decided to eat dinner after a minor “cleanup” on ourselves, leaving the shower until later.

We enjoyed a good meal and great conversation. It has been great getting to know Ted & Sue even better than we did before. They are wonderful friends.

We were showered and in bed by 10:00 PM.

What a super day we have had!

We are staying in this same place tomorrow and now we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

P.S. Many pictures to share with you. Be sure to check back later.

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