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Welcome to Okinawa Hollywood!

Our tour in Pineapple park in an automatic golf cart, meaning no...


baby pines

traditional Okinawa dwelling (none of these left)





dolphins bowing after a stellar performance




view of Ie-Jima from the aquarium

pizza at Pizza in the sky

Trev belting out a Japanese tune with his pal at karaoke night....

Koli and Mana (bro and sis)

Ie-Jima from the ferry

Trev enjoying a snack on a sun infested beach

A cave system that residents escaped to during WWII










what's up your nose bro?!



cliffs of insanity (dunno the actual name)

brotherly bonding


the only standing structure left from world war II


can you read this? Not even trev can read all of it!

My bro Trev has quite a wicked place to live. Okinawa life is relaxed but on top of things. I spent time at the aquarium, a place called Pineapple Park where we sampled pineapple products till we sweat it out, great Japanese food, pizza at a place called pizza in the sky (a la american wording), curry, spent a day at Trev's school (I became a celebrity!), went to his first place to live in Japan Ie-Jima, a tiny island of 5000. Great place. And I got a little sick so today I'm just relaxin, catching up on this kind of thing. Be home in a week! Oh and the best part of all was the karaoke on Saturday night. What a welcome to the island. The Japanese do Karaoke right. You book a room and take as many friends as possible and embarrass yourselves in front of each other. Great fun. Hope to do it again this coming weekend.

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