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Love Creek Orchard – Front of Store

Love Creek Orchard – Musicians

Love Creek Orchard – Maddie Mau, Stuart Whiteside, Regina Gaskamp, Ethel Fitzgerald...

Love Creek Orchard – John Cuthbertson, Maria Salinas, Sam Barlow, Eva Garza...

Love Creek Orchard – Loretta Rawlins and daughter, Esther Dukart

Love Creek Orchard – Ethel Fitzgerald, Betty Wendler, Ed Lohn, Glenda Alexander,...

The weather for this campout was very nice so we spent a lot of time outdoors on the porch or in and around the pool. We had dinner on Friday night at Love Creek Orchard in Medina. Their food is delicious and they offer apple pies, jams, jellies, etc., as well as gift items with apple motifs.

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