Cool welcome sign..



We were shocked to see we were in Arizona...

A cool western mini town in Arizona...



Almost back to Utah...

Loved seeing all the Christmas decorations in town..





This one was closed, we hope to make it back..


Last one!

We had a beautiful sunny day, the high was in the 40’s. It felt great! We drove over to the town of Kanab, it is known as “Utah’s Little Hollywood”. We had a great Mexican lunch and then did a bit of exploring.

They have a wonderful movie museum in town we wanted to visit, but it was closed. You may experience ‘déjà vu’ when touring southern Utah, even if it’s your first trip to the area, you’ve probably already visited via TV or the silver screen! Movie making was a large part of this area’s history and economy from the 1930’s-1990’s, when over 300 movies and TV shows were filmed here. Within an hour’s drive of Kanab, you have a diversity of landscape – from sand dunes to western landscape, high country forests to an enormous body of water. It is a wonderful place for visiting movie buffs, you might consider a tour of the old movie sets dotting the area.

After visiting Kanab we decided to drive a bit further down the road. We were totally surprised to run into Fredonia, Arizona. We knew Arizona was close but we didn’t realize it was this close. Fredonia is the gateway to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Visitors enjoy seeing the Grand Canyon from the North Rim because they can experience the wonder and beauty without large crowds and high temperatures. Gazing across the canyon, tourists can enjoy majestic sunrises and sunsets, secluded camp spots, and relaxing hiking trails. We are hoping to have time to make a return visit and drive to the North Rim. We are finding so much to do in this area, we wish we had a month instead of a week. It was another great day in Utah and Arizona, check back later for more.

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