We drove into the park from the tunnel entrance..



This will probably be our last snowman of the year..:-)

It was one of those "wowser" drives for sure....


We saw a lot of frozen waterfalls...

The first tunnel was easy ..

The next tunnel was the mile long!

The roads are still a little icy too..

Check out the size of the tunnel, no way will we drive...

It was a cool drive through this one..:-)

This is how it looked when we came out of the tunnel..:-)

Incredible views..


This is the massive rock we drove through in the tunnel, see...

Zoom of the window...

Another view..

The road had a lot of switchback curves..

We made a lot of stops for pictures ..


More incredible views...






Notice the road below...





Last update will be Zion Lodge...

We visited Zion National Park today for the first time, it is a “WOWSER” park. We started our tour of the park from the tunnel side where you are allowed to drive your car. After touring the park we left from the Springdale side of the park and drove on to Hurricane, Utah for shopping at Walmart. This was our first Walmart in months, we needed to stock up.

We were happy to see we could drive our car for the whole tour, this is only allowed in the winter months, most of the time you have to ride on their shuttles though the park. We loved being able to stop where we wanted to as often as we wished. I took so many pictures, over 400. I am going to have to do several updates from the park just to get in my favorites. :-)

We had thought about driving our RV through Zion on the way to Nevada, after driving our car through the Zion Tunnel we think differently. No way will we be going that way. The tunnel is dark and small and over a mile long. You have to have a ranger escort your RV though.

A fee is charged for large vehicles equal to or exceeding 7'10" in width or 11'4" in height for a ranger escort through the Zion Tunnel. Located on SR 9 between the main canyon and the East entrance of the park, the tunnel, completed in 1830, is 1.1 miles in length and part of a nearly impossible engineering task. As you pass through the tunnel several windows give views through the side canyon wall into the main canyon. Once we exited the tunnel I looked up and saw one of the windows, it looked like a cave, I zoomed in on it and could see it was one of the man made windows. Just this area of the park was amazing, even if we had not driven any further. I could spend at least two weeks in this park alone.

We stopped and made our last snowman of the year, we will be heading to Las Vegas next and we don’t expect to see any snow there. The pictures I am adding to this update cover the entrance tunnel and some outstanding scenery from the area you can normally drive though. I will be adding more updates for the rest of the park later. I hope you enjoy our tour. It was another awesome day in Utah, check back later for more.

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