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Clubhouse Dining Room

Sue and Gene Beck; Cecil and Roger Rounsaville

Jim Long; Louise and Leroy Van Winkle; Lynette and Roger Rounsaville

Sarah, Wanda, Lori, Dean, Lanora, Jim and Phoebie

Front: Dean and Lanora Whitfield

Ted and Gene Beck; Cecil and Alice Rounsaville

Jim Meade, Roger Rounsaville and Phoebie Crosby

Front: Alice Rounsaville and Sue Beck

Roger Rounsaville, Wanda Beck and Jim Meade

Cecil and Alice Rounsaville; Jim Long; Ted and Gene Beck

Cecil Rounsaville, Phoebie Crosby, Alice Rounsaville and Jim Long

Front: Louise Van Winkle; Brenda and Gill Carroll

Leroy Van Winkle; Brenda and Gill Carrol

Louise and Leroy Van Winkle

Front: Jim Long and Cecil Rounsaville

Dean Whitfield; Lynette and Roger Rounsaville; Phoebie Crosby and Jim Meade

Front: Sue and Gene Beck

Nelle Rounsaville, Wanda Beck and Lanora Whitfield

Sarah and Lori Long

Three Generations: Sarah Long, Lori Long and Nelle Rounsaville

Jim Long, Sue and Wanda Beck

Ted Beck

Louise Van Winkle and Bea Wilde

Bea Wilde

Glenda Alexander and Wanda Beck

Nelle Rounsaville and Chloé

'Auctioneer' Ted Beck


Gene Beck at RV site

Albino Deer in Meadow Near RV Park

Albino Deer in Meadow

Our Private Worship Service – Cecil, Alice and Roger Rounsaville; Wanda Beck

Our Private Worship Service – “Congregation”

Our Private Worship Service – Louise Van Winkle and Cecil Rounsaville

This year I hosted the family and friends reunion at Shady Oaks RV Park in Wimberley. I chose this park because it had rental units available. Those who didn’t have RVs would not have to stay offsite in a hotel. The park is in a very pretty setting, with deer wandering through. We saw three albino deer; they were the first I had ever seen. Wanda, Gene and I stalked them for quite a while before I could get photos of them and, even then, they were not very close.

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