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New Year's Eve can be a time when people feel a lot of pressure to get gussied up, drink too much, and spend a lot of money to do the holiday right. It's an especially rough evening for those who have no one to kiss at midnight. For the last twelve years the pressure has been off for us since we always have a job to do: record the January 1 edition of the RV Navigator podcast. We share a bottle of champagne and by the end of the recording, I can barely recall what we talked about. I used to worry about it, but it tends to be the podcast that gets the most positive listener reaction. We must be more entertaining after we let our hair down.

After our chores were finished, we got in the golf cart and headed out to see how everyone else around here celebrates. There is a large official party in the recreation building that features potluck food and BYOB, not a high pressure event. There were so many golf carts in the parking lot, we would have had a hard time squeezing in. So we headed to the block party at Twin Lakes, one of the neighborhoods here. It also is low key party: bring your own lawn chair, a 50/50 raffle to pay for the deejay and a ball drop at 10pm, which is a globe mounted on a ladder. As we toured the campground, we came to a neighborhood with some outstanding Christmas lights. Some of the folks who live here used to work at Disney World and the lights choreographed with music were DW quality. It all put us in a festive mood and we didn't have to spend a thing.

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