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Cheer had arranged for us to catch up at the Northern (Lotus) Restaurant just up the road, and he had invited Scott along to join us.

I wanted his assistance to work out train schedules, fares, booking etc., as I found I was floundering through Chinese rail websites!

During the day I went and got some grocery, meat and veges from Walmart nearby. On the way I stopped in to KFC to grab one of their pannini rolls. It is pretty yummy, and costs the grand sum of 13rmb. A pannini roll, with cheese, ham, tomato and scrambled egg. Very nice little snack.

Then on into Walmart. Their vege selection was pretty sparse, and there were still things I needed, so I took home the shopping I had found, then hooked hugo onto his halter and lead, and walked back to the nearby market.

On the way out, it seemed that I could have sold Hugo to a middle aged man, who was also walking on the street. He was saying something, but I could not get his question, until he said how much money, pointing to Hugo. No, No, No, was my response. He is my friend's dog. I actually managed to say that in Chinese!!

I did poke my head in to two other market places on the way, but there was no vegetables, or anything except for fish and seafood!

So we went on, and easily found potatoes and carrots. That was all I needed.

As I walked back, I had a message from Scott to say that he was on his way, to join us for dinner.

When he arrived, I took Hugo down for a toilet break, and then back upstairs to leave him at home.

We walked up the road to the Northern Restaurant, and actually arrived around 15 minutes early. The boss noticed us, and was inviting us to come on in. He came downstairs to talk to us, and I think I may have managed to make him understand we were waiting for our friends.

Cheer and Mei Xuan turned up, right on 6 o'clock. That is just like him, not a minute early, not a minute late! He is so predictable. You have to love the guy! Xiao Hong was only a few minutes behind him.

We had a delicious dinner, with mostly my favourites, but some new dishes as well. I gave Cheer a rough outline of our travel requirements, and left it to him. He suggests that I should use the travel agent in the city, near the Hubin Hotel. They charge a fee for the bookings, but it is minimal.

We sat chatting for a while, and Mei Xuan had fun with her Mummy's phone, taking photos of Scott, then adding funny faces, and other hilarious additions, from an app on the phone. She is not nearly as shy as she used to be, but speaks no English, so very little communication with her. She is learning dance, and Xiao Hong showed me a lovely video clip taken at her dance school.

And Cheer was telling me that they severely limit her screen/TV time, and as she has a love for music they have bought her a traditional Chinses music instrument to learn to play. I know what it looks like, but cannot remember the name of it right now.

Cheer and Xiao Hong left on scooters, and Scott and I walked back up the road, with me stopping off on the way, and Scott carrying on to the medical college. It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours.

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