Portugal, Sapin, Morocco 2017 travel blog

On our way at 6:30am

Managed to get our bags snared in these

Plane ready to cook us as the air con did not work...

real traffic jam on the runway


went half way around the world!!!

Due to METICULOUS planning by the commander in chief of our expedition all went according to the "get to the airport on time plan". Well not if you count both of us getting our suitcases caught in the station turnstiles there was one tiny amusing event. A phone call during the night meant we just waited out the last 4 or 5 hours awake before we were due to get up. Must tell someone about time zones and that the time in Sydney is different to Paris. Plenty of time to sleep on the plane though.

Such efficient transport in Paris and the second strike against new labor laws, although allowed to go ahead, did not disrupt us. Yes self centered I know, plenty of others were inconvenienced I expect. The airport had a couple of security problems but again not affecting us. We had to catch the bus to our plane and eagerly boarded. Bother the plane must have been sitting in the sun since sunrise and with no air conditioning was a sweat box. We were told we have 1 /12 hours of this! Yuk. Not a good start.

Then one of the wonders we will never get tired of. Flying over land. Mountains, snow, hills, crops, rivers, lakes, little villages, deep gorges, plateaus, forests, desolation, intense cities, valleys - all from above. Geography is truly wonderful.

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