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Carpes at Lake Abiquiu Campground

Cumbres & Toltec RR train at Antomito, CO
We're booked to take this...

Crossing into New Mexico on US 285

US 285 in north central New Mexico

Scenery along US 285 in New Mexico

US 84 north of Abiquiu NM

We exit US 84 at CO 96 to Lake Abiquiu

View of Lake Abiquiu with campground
Carpe is at extreme left edge of...

Bob alongside Carpe Diem at Lake Abiquiu Campground

Fri, 11 Sep: A "long-ish" road day...

After two very relaxing days boondocking in a remote area of south-central Colorado it is time to move along. We really enjoyed our solitude and the spacious views of the Bianco Mountains, but we must move along.

We left the east-facing window shade open in the bedroom so the sunrise awoke us about half past six. It was another cool (high thirties) nite so the furnace was most welcome. We brewed a pot of tea, but it wasn't all that "hot". As we recall from physics, water boils at a lower temperature at high elevations. We were at 7,600' and our water boiled at about 185° F.

Breakfast was served, things stowed for the road, checklist read, and engine started. After a walk around and tow car brake/lite check Bob rolled wheels about half past eight. Back on CO 150 south to US 160 west brought us to the nearby town of Alamosa. In Alamosa we picked up US 285, which we took south into New Mexico.

Just north of the New Mexico border we drove thru Antonito and saw a Cumbres & Toltec Railroad steam locomotive sitting at the depot. The C&T is a narrow gauge scenic train that runs between Antonito Colorado and Chama New Mexico. We plan to spend a few days in Chama later in the month and have tickets to take the train to Antonito. Seeing the steam locomotive makes our forthcoming excursion real.

We picked up US 84 north and took it about 15 miles to the Lake Abiquiu Recreation Area. We're currently parked in a Corps of Army Engineers campsite overlooking the lake. We have 50 ampere power, a real luxury after several days without being plugged in (not to mention the week plus we spent with 30 ampere service).

Our plans for the next few days are pretty nebulous. From here we'll head south toward Albuquerque and then west to Grants where we rendezvous with our rally group on Wednesday. That said, just how we'll spend the next five nites is still up in the air.

Today's run was an easy 147 miles along scenic two lane highways. We started out at 7,600' elevation, climbed to as high as 8,400', and are currently at 6,364' elevation. Despite all the ups and downs our fuel economy worked out to slightly better than nine miles per gallon. We like that!

Mon, 14 Sep: And we're still here...

Recall our oft-repeated statement about Full-Timer's plans being cast in Jell-O? Well, as this is being penned we're still sitting at the Lake Abiquiu Corps of Army Engineers campsite. A perfect example of a change in plans.

Our original plan (Plan "A") was to drive south to Santa Ana Pueblo today and overnite at a free casino boondock site, then continue to Grants NM on Tuesday. Well, the temperature is forecast to be in the high eighties in Santa Ana Pueblo and boondocking means no air conditioner. So, for only $8/nite with our senior park passes here at Lake Abiquiu, we opted to stay put another nite.

This means that tomorrow's drive (Plan "B") to Grants will be a bit longer (about 200 miles) it'll be cooler and we'll be happier campers. And that, boys and girls, is what it's all about.

Our time here has been very relaxing. The only burr under our saddle is the lack of satellite TV reception. We have a good view of the sky, our dish is indicating that it "sees" all three of the satellites, but our Dish TV receiver is not happy. We're doing some troubleshooting but it may be a location quirk and we'll wait till we relocate before pushing the panic button.

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