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dancing cactus

using the fish eye lens

wrap around arms

rearing back

fish hooks

flying the quad copter

tangled in the cactus

lost in the forest

sunset light

sunset light

moon rise

Ken got a new fish eye lens so we headed to Saguarno National Park to try it out. And he also brought the quad copter for some aerial views. The saguaro often look rather surrealistic and the fish eye lens seemed to bring out their character. As Ken got up close and personal with the cactus, I wondered if he might end up with a snootful of quills. A casual cactus brush by with my blue jean clad leg had me yelping and resolving to pay closer attention to where I walked.

Our park visit ended on the back porch of the visitor center where we gathered to watch the rise of the full moon over the cactus and mountains. As we waited for the moon to appear the ranger asked us tough quiz questions like, "How long would it take you to drive to the moon at 70mph with no bathroom breaks?" Answer 106 hours. "How much bigger is the earth than the moon?" Answer 3.5 times bigger. "Does the moon really have a dark side?" No. We just can't see the back side.

After we flunked the quiz, a folk singer with harmonica and guitar played cowboy folk songs and a trio of Indian flautists played their instruments as well. These flutes have two chambers and can only play five notes in one key. Serious flautists haul around 10+ instruments so they can play with other more modern instruments. Watching the moon rise in the sky and listening to the music was a mellow and atmospheric way to end another nice day in the warm.

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