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The jack repair technician promised to phone the manufacturer first thing this morning to figure out what is still wrong with our jacks. We waited until 10 and learned that the technician was out sick and no one had pursued the matter. The supervisor made a quick call and had to leave a message. We waited til noon. No call back.

It was a beautiful day and since the repair wasn't getting anywhere, we headed to Mt. Lemmon, a 9,000 foot mountain that sports a ski lift. It's ironic that we've come south to avoid the snow and we took a thirty mile drive to see some. Mt. Lemmon gets 180 inches a year. This mountain must be a real oasis in the summer. We saw a number of campgrounds along the way, but they were all closed by the snow in the shade under the pine trees. The road itself was clear and dry the entire way. Along nearly the whole drive there was one bicyclist after another pedaling up the impossibly steep road. Perhaps this is an ideal training ground for Tour de France aspirants. This time of year there are few spots in the US that offer this kind of challenging environment with comfortable temperatures. The Sky Islands Parkway curved and climbed and curved and climbed, revealing one great view after another as we drove. The vegetation changed from saguaro to pine; it was like driving from Mexico to Canada.

We stopped back at the repair office and they had an idea about what might be wrong with the jacks. We quickly disconnected the motor home and brought it back to the bay. The news was not good. It seems we need some new electronics. Our rig was built in 2004 and what we need is no longer made. The manufacturer can make a replacement part, but it will take more than a week to get it finished and shipped here. So it looks like we will be returning to Tucson again in a few weeks. Hope that does it.

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