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Bill & I are doing some touring of Anchorage. There is a lot to cover. We went back to the ULU Factory and did some shopping. They will take care of our purchases and ship it

home. They make it easy for us to spend our money. There was a cruise ship in town. We could not get close enough to see the ship's name. We walked around town and enjoyed the beautiful flowers. I wondered about all the beautiful flowers in an area that we would consider too cold for them. We were told that it is from their long days of light.

Anchorage is known as the "city of flowers". They are everwhere. I took a few photos of

different areas. We wandered down to the Shipp River It runs through town. There were people standing in the water all up and down the river on both sides. The salmon are what they are fishing for right now. They have started their run upriver. Sure different to see. Made us want to join in, but of course we have no fishing equipment or

license. So many memories the kids have given us. They continue to have a wonderful time

in Enid, OK. It remains HOT there.

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