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and they set sail on a two hour 'cruise' to Roatan Island

the sea appeared calm

then came the swell

still didn't look too bad

and halli was the first but by no means the last to...

dinner with Claudia, Maria, Sue and Mike...Alison & Eimear

Claudia, Maria, Sue & Mick


Roatan Beach



does this mean divers get right of way



these were all just near our hotel

drinking seems to be a serious business

my roomy Liz from Austria

a happier drink

preparing for our first dive

in here beautiful fish and ciral

thought this might make a nice holiday home

Emiear & Podrik, Halli & Claudia, me & dave


Claudia, Halli, Eimear' Podrik & Nick


pancake with ice cream and chocolate sauce

this little boy sold most of his tray of carvings - we...

one of the disco restrauants

Liz and I headed to Carambola Botanic park - she was obsessed...

native orchid

a Monkey la la

fern frond

view from the top

Monkey La La info

canonball flower


canonball tree

more orchids

the west beach





Roatan Island

if you look carefully there is a willy forming



dinner at Mazie's - Halli, Sue, Mike, Nick and Claudia

Halli and a budding photographer

main course

rice and beans - with every meal

Iguana Stew

the remnants including the conch soup

Mazie and her sister

our entertainment

a 'maypole' dance Roatan style




Daniel with two of the budding photographers

Halli and friend

Sue, Halli, Claudia and Eimear

He attempted a Michael Jackson impersonation

Yet another 7 hour trip - we were supposed to do these trips on local buses but because we were a group of 16 we could afford to get our own mini I buses and save around 2 hours each day - good extra sleep! This time our bus took us to a ferry - one of the big catamarans holding around 200 people - it wasn't full and just as well. We should have suspected something was different when our tickets came complete with sea sick pills. Most of us didn't bother, me because I'd not long spent 7 nights on a very rocky boat and was fine...you can work out the next bit! Over half of the people on the ferry were sick - me included - it was an amazing 2 hours of up and down and side to side - the staff were prepared they kept an eye on people and offered plastic bags and paper towel - I don't think anyone threw up on the floor but we filled 4 large rubbish bins with sick bags. One of our girls Claudia swore she would never get on a boat again and it took Liz until the next day to recover - I was fine as soon as we got into calm water. Turned out that two cruise ships destined for Roatan missed the stop because it was too rough. Was it worth it - absolutely the island was everything you imagine a Caribbean Island to be. Hot lively some of the best snorkeling I've done apparently their reef is second only to ours. Beautiful colorful fish and pretty coral and warm no wet suits needed here. Could easily have stayed a few days and just lazed on the beach or in a cafe. Had a room for three Liz Halli and me - we got on quite well but I asked that in future we should be in doubles like the couples didn't seem fair and they agreed - Fabian our guide was great and I didn't have mo than a twin share from then on. Liz and I headed out on a local bus to the Carambola botanical garden where we wandered for a couple of hours and got to a vantage point with a view over one of the bays and the dolphin area. One tree in particular was spectacular the Canonball tree with some huge fragrant flowers. Then spent the afternoon wandering an adjacent beach which was reached by water taxi. Dinner was in a 'private home. Mazie and her family prepared dinner for any group they can get Conch soup - delicious lots had seconds, whole crusted fish and iguana stew served with the usual rice and beans. The iguana tasted OK nothing special but wouldn't go looking for it as it is really very bony and not that interesting to eat. For entertainment they let the kids loose on us not sure who enjoyed it more.

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