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Club Room - Donette Harpole, Nancy Riley and Judith Gedalia

Club Room - Val White and Charlie Rose

Clubroom - Betty Wendler, Bruce Woodall & Ethel Fitzgerald

Saturday Breakfast - Val White, Mikail and Coco Davenport

Saturday Breakfast - Coco, Val, Mikail and Judith

Saturday Breakfast - Bruce, Ethel, Larry and Nancy

Saturday Breakfast - Judith, Stuart, Donette, Coco and Val

Hancock Springs Park - Remains of Pool

Hancock Springs Park

Hancock Springs Park - Pedestrian Bridge Dedicated 1976 to Commemorate American Bicentennial

Hancock Springs Park - Robert Ryalls, Nancy Riley and Val White

Merritt Romans in His Rock Museum West of Lampasas

Merritt Romans' Collection

Merritt Romans' Collection

Merritt Romans' Collection

Merritt Romans' Collection - Sample from Cave in Lighted Box

Merritt Romans' Collection - Phosphorescent Stones Under Ultraviolet Light

Merritt Romans' Collection - Geode (Reminds me of a shark mouth)

Merritt Romans' Collection - Back-lit Stones

Merritt Romans' Collection - Geode About Five Feet Tall

Merritt Romans' Collection - Palm Wood - State Rock of Texas


This morning I left the Galveston Island State Park campground about a quarter to 9:00 because I had a long drive ahead of me. I made only brief stops and it still took about seven hours to drive to Lampasas for the Cen-Tex campout. I was more than ready to stop!

We had our usual bountiful potluck dinner tonight. We had two visitors, both from the Austin area. I hope they will decide to join us. Our hosts this time were Coco Davenport and Val White. Coco provided the table decorations: herbs in small pots wrapped with blue and red bandanas. They were very attractive.


This morning several of us went for a walk in the nearby Hancock Springs Park. It is a very pretty park with an 18-hole golf course, spring-fed pool and Sulphur Creek meandering through it.

Val, Nancy and I had lunch at the Sweet Pickle Deli across the street from the RV park. Nearly all their foods are home made and are very good.

At our business meeting this afternoon there was a drawing for the eight table decorations. I didn’t win one but it probably is for the best since I don’t have a green thumb.

For dinner tonight everyone went to Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant. Our waitress was new and, therefore, not very efficient. Annette didn’t get her food until we were ready to leave so she wasn’t charged for it. It wasn’t the waitress’ fault; the cook messed up.

After dinner, Mikail Davenport showed slides of his and his fiancée’s recent trip to Australia and New Zealand. Of course, it whetted my appetite for travel. I hope to visit those countries some day.


This morning we had a special treat. Val and Coco cooked a delicious breakfast for us. We had breakfast tacos, orange juice, donuts and coffee.

After breakfast most of us went out to Merritt Romans’ 5,500-square-foot museum to see his extensive collection of rocks and fossils. They have been acquired over more than 60 years of digging around the world and trading with other collectors. He has an amazing memory about the history behind almost every piece, including how it was formed and when and where he acquired it. He provides earth sciences classes for students from all around the area and has been honored by the Boy Scouts. He cuts his own stones and grinds them in his private workshop with large corundum belts. He offers these tours by appointment only. (512) 556-8560

NOTE: I had my camera on the wrong setting for some of my photos and didn't notice it for a while; so I changed them to black and white. Aarrgghh!!!


Route: FM 3005 NE => 61st Street => I-45 N => TX 6 W to Addicks => I-10 W to Columbus => TX 71 W => US 281 N to Lampasas

Total Miles Driven: 300

Weather Conditions: Sunny

Road Conditions: Good. Several sections of construction.

Gasoline Price: $3.579 at La Grange

RV Park: Boone RV Park (www.boonervpark.com)

Park Conditions: Very nice owners, large trees; nice clubroom, laundry and restrooms; propane; Wi-Fi

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